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Spell That! will help your child learn to spell using an innovative educational method and the technology now available on your mobile device. Spell That! uses a combination of sensory feedback and sequences to reinforce the learning. The focus of the App and its learning path is to provide short and intense learning sessions and avoid any distraction or loss of focus during these learning moments.

It is particularly well adapted to children with short attention span, writing difficulties and/or some aspects of dislexia.

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Learning Path - How to use Spell That! with your child/student.

The App allows the parent/tutor/educator to configure a set of spelling exercises that the student can follow at his or her own pace. Each exercise uses a combination of tactile as well as auditory feedback to reinforce the knowledge acquired.

The typical usage is as follows:

  1. The parent/tutor/educator sets up the word list for the week on the application using a familiar voice to record each word.
  2. The child/student practices the words in short but intense sessions.
  3. Once the selected words have been practiced through the App learning path, the parents/tutor/educator assesses the progress and learning via a simple written spelling test. Words not fully learned can be reworked on, always in short sessions through the week.

Main Features:

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